Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baby Liam

All the baby items surrounding this baby shower planning has increased Baby Fever in the Tirado house. Fortunately, we are soon welcoming a nephew to our bunch and could not be more excited to have another baby in the family. My husband's excitement slowly decreased when he became bombarded with San Francisco 49ers gear once we finalized the theme. My brother has always been a 49ers fan for as long as I can remember and the second my sister in law said "I do," she was soon initiated in the obsession. As timing would have it, foot ball season was in full affect and a 49ers theme was easily accessible. The invitations laid ground work on my red and gold color theme. Dallas Texas is home of the cowboys so everything in my local stores was covered in blue and silver and everything I wanted in 49ers had to be ordered online. We decided to continue the football theme with the menu and serve chicken sliders, wings, fruit, and chips and dip. Once everyone had a chance to grab a bite of the deliciousness, we then started on a few games such as "feed the baby," "what's in your purse," and "name that baby food." The kids at the party seemed more interested in the games and I noticed a lot of competition when they were involved. After the prizes were handed out, mom-to-be opened her plethora of cute baby goodies. My favorite part was the tasting of the scrumptious strawberry coconut cake from A Slice of Life Cakes. Our thank favors for all the guest was a tasteful array of gold chocolate candy. Although the guys were enjoying their afternoon of football games, we had a blast of our own "football themed" fun.

A Pokemon Halloween

My son asked if he could play the game "bobbing for apples" this year. Apple bobbing is a popular game often played during Halloween so this year we decided to incorporate his love for Pokemon and give him a change to bob for apples. Our last Halloween party, our son was only two years old and didn't partake in any of the games and activities I planned. I was pleasantly surprised of all the participation six and seven year old kids were this time around during all the games. The beginning of my planning began with the invitations and I had to find a way to create a Halloween version of Pokemon to ensure the guests knew wearing costumes were encouraged. Once the invitations were delivered, I started working on the menu. Pizza is usually the least complicated item for a kids function, however this year, I wanted to create a few Halloween themed dishes in the menu. I finally decided to serve hamburgers in addition to pizza and interpret the toppings into my Halloween menu. For example, the tomatoes were labeled "sliced intestines," and the pickles were "reptile skin." On to the games, besides the traditional Halloween games, I also included a few Pokemon games such as "pin the tail on Pikachu," and "Find the Pokeballs." Unfortunately a few of my regular cake bakers were booked or had to cancel and I attempted to make my first fondant cake. I found a great recipe from Betty Crocker on making the pumpkin, however the Pikachu proved to be extremely time consuming. People always say there is a you tube video on everything, and in my case it was not so because a tutorial would have been extremely useful in creating his head. As for the goody bags, I decided to keep them simple and keep them orange and created Pikachu thank you labels for them. They were filled with candy essentials and halloween goodies. The kids had a great time and the smile on my son's face was well worth all the stress filled moments to make his 7th birthday party a success.