Sunday, July 1, 2012

Skylander's Birthday Party

Recently I was requested to create a Skylander's theme party for a deserving young 8 year old, David. I was excited to discover his favorite color was orange, a recent obsession of mine. I have been waiting patiently for a client to allow me to produce an orange and blue color themed event. The world of Skylanders should be well known for parents of boys between the ages of 4-14. For those who are unfamiliar with Skylander's, it is a video game in which the player takes on the role of Portal Master consisting of up to 30 different characters who embark on a journey into a world where they will explore lands, battle creatures, and save their world from an evil enemy, Kaos. The story line is interesting, the characters have a wonderful array of personalities, and I highly recommend it for all ages. My son's Skylander obsession took place last year, as we attempted to hunt down all the characters during the chaos of Christmas shopping. Considering how great the game is, it came as a surprise of the lack of Skylander party decor currently available at any of the local retail shops. The most attributed part of the Skylanders world is the portal, which became my focus when creating this party decor. I also wanted to highlight each character individually and designed a Battle Supply station to give each character a chance to shine with their own set of party favors. Most of the items is largely geared towards the boys, however I couldn't leave the girls without a few fun party favors including custom Skylander themed hair bows, bobby pins, and nail polish. I enjoyed creating David's Skylander party and wish him a Happy Birthday!

Let the Summer begin

This June, my son reached an important milestone in his life and completed his first year of school and graduated from Kindergarten. I was surprised when he requested to celebrate the big occasion with a party. I would never turn down a request which allows me to use my surf party ideas to good use. I hesitated to continue with the surf theme once I viewed his red cap and gown photos from school, however I decided to include the color red in my original blue and green scheme. The graduation party was scheduled the weekend after school was complete which was a great beginning to a fun and exciting summer vacation.