Friday, December 9, 2011

The holidays are upon us

The moment the tree colors change and the summer temperatures slowly drift away, retail shops are suddenly bombarded with aisles and aisles of the glitz and glamour of the Holiday season. I refused to partake on this celebration until every bite of my pumpkin pie seized to exist. I just couldn't allow myself to skip my Autumn decor because I love the colors of the fall. Lately the color orange has had a special place in my heart and I was sad to see it go. After surviving the chaos known as Black Friday, I was ready to join others in the Holiday Spirit. Partaking in the new "green-living," I choose to recycle my past decorations and collaborate them  to create a teal and red Christmas. Due to my new found obsession with Pinterest, I have been inspired with DIY projects and decided to create custom pillows. I volunteered my good friend Mark to share his seamstress skills and teach me how to use my sewing machine. Since my last unsuccessful encounter with the needle, I felt the need to include supervision this go around. "A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others," someone one said, and Mark could easily quit his day job and teach sewing for a living as far as I'm concerned. I was extremely proud of our hard work and finally learned how to utilize the benefits from owning a sewing machine. Our pillows were beautiful if I do say so myself, and the Christmas spirit was quickly exploding out of my system once they were complete. 

The mantle is the centerpiece of my Christmas decor and it was a better time then any to focus my attention on the look and feel my blue and red holiday would bring. I attempted many different looks and nothing was adequately living up to my expectations and the ornamentation just wasn't what I envisioned. I decided to take a break from the mantle and focus on some fun DIY projects to regenerate my decorating spirits. Blue Cricket Deisgn has a great tutorial on making Christmas Paper Mache Ornaments, but I decide to use my existing ones because I had a pile of 5 storage bins staring me in the face. The clock ticked away as 3am reared its ugly head, and I realized after 8 hours of decorating I had nothing to show. Luckily my framed ornament was just the inspiration I needed to complete the task.

As soon as I completed the ornament wreath, everything started falling into place. Location, location, location! I discovered that my initial plan to place my new wreath above the mirror just wasn't as attractive as I had imagined. Placement seems to be very important when decorating a mantle because one thing out of place and it throws off the entire look. Finally by the time the sun began to rise I had completed the mantle and finished my Christmas decorations. The Tirado Family has officially joined the Holiday celebration, tree and all.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The bittersweet finale of Harry Potter

Today is the premier of the long awaited Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. To some a 3 hour wait in 95 degree weather seems absurd, however for a true Harry Potter fan, such as myself, the time invested is absolutely rewarding. Unfortunately I came across a few bumps in the road getting to this point so after an electricity outage at AMC parks mall, I was jumping for joy to have tickets in hand for the 12am showing at Cinemark in Cedar Hill. To my surprise, the hard core Harry Potter fans were no where to be found at this theatre and I was extremely disappointed on the lack of Ron Weasley impostors. The fun of waiting in such a long line is to spend the time with wizard geeks and take pictures of all the creative costumes from fellow fans. With coffee in hand, I made the best of the situation and enjoyed some photo opportunities with my partner in crime, Wizard Kenneth and the adorable Griffindor classmate Nerkin. 

 Their extent of Harry Potter book knowledge is probably Chapter 1 of book 1, so HP chatter would have been useless. As the clock moved ever so closely to our movie time, the Usher suddenly announces a 5minute countdown and the suspense was rising. Eight minutes have slowly passed and what better way to utilize this valuable time then to have a Wizard Dance Off. With a combination of robot moves and ninja kicks, it was obvious the true Dance Wizard was none other than my husband, Ktizzler the Wizard fizzler. 
As we chanted for our winner, the men in black finally arrived to escort us to our seats. Although we finally made it indoors to the air-conditioned seating, another 2 hours awaited until we could witness the end of Voldermolt. Nothing says a great movie like Nachos and A cold Iccee. To our luck, the Icee machine was broke and they were all out jalapeƱos. Only true nacho eating fans know that nachos without jalapeƱos are just wasted calories. My hunger pains would have to be addressed after the 3 hour movie, yet Ihop pancakes usually are worth the wait. Finally lights were out and for the next 7800 seconds, I found myself in the middle of the magically world known as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A True Fairytale

Every little girls dream of becoming a princess was finally a reality for one Kate Middleton. The dress, the shoes, the flowers...the world was all waiting in suspense of every detail of this true fairytale story. My obsession with Prince Williams and the future Princess, now titled Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, was fairly recent. The buzz of the wedding has been plastered on billboards, magazines, and blogs everywhere. Someone seriously had to live in a rock if they were not aware of the Royal Wedding. Traveling thousands of miles to London would be the ideal location to partake in this celebration, however hosting a Royal Watch Party seemed to be the most accessible goal. From the moment I watched Rory from Gilmore Girls throw a London Themed Party, I have always had a desire to throw one myself. I have never had a reason to throw a London themed party until now. The time difference caused some what a dilemma as the live wedding was airing at 5am central time. As a true OCD individual, I was awake at the crack of dawn patiently waiting for a glimpse of Kate's dress. Thank heavens for DVR, because even though I watched everything live, I was able to record the entire ceremony and playback for my delayed Royal Wedding Watch Party. From Kate and Williams face mask to our own London phone booth, I was definitely in the London spirit in the comfort of my own home. My favorite part of the watch party of course was creating my own custom fascinator since hats are a requirement for attending such a regal event. I wish nothing but happiness and joy for this truly in love couple. The world not only witnessed a fairytale story, but we all became an eyewitness of one girls dream of becoming a princess come to life.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rock n Roll Half Marathon

I'm so proud of my husband for signing up for the Dallas Rock n Roll Marathon benefiting Susan G. Komen for the Cure® on Sunday, March 27. If you are not a runner like myself, please come out and join the spectator circle with me! There will be live bands and lots of supporters to keep you company. Hope to see you there! For more information please visit

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rock Star Baby

Ever since Rock n Roll couple Gwen and Gavin introduced the world to their bundle of joy Kingston, I have had an itch to create a rocker themed baby basket. Fortunately for me, my dearest and closest friend decided to design her new baby boy's nursery in rock star colors Black and Red. Although I am familiar with the popular pattern houndstooth, I never considered anything other than checkers for a rock and roll theme. Suddenly I was at a stand still because everything I have every seen in the houndstooth print just seemed so posh and classy and I was struggling to find my skater boy inspiration at the site of any houndstooth item. I have an obsession for personalization so I decided to create my own version of houndstooth rocker style. I started with none other than paper of course. I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with paper and when I found this red houndstooth wrapping paper during the holidays, I couldn't be more than thrilled. Instantly I was headed in the right direction and it seemed as if this project was going to be a piece of cake. Then suddenly, my houndstooth wrapping paper became my only find for days...then weeks....then months. Suddenly two weeks until the big day, I realized I had nothing in hand but wrapping paper. I guess it was back to diaper cake basics for this gift. I felt a loss of creative juices and refused to settle for an ordinary cake that I started to take long walks around some of my favorite shops until I mustered up some sort of inspiration for this gift basket. Suddenly I decided to take the musical route and create a drum, fill it with a few baby essentials and call it a day. The only problem with my fabulous idea was me and my insane need to incorporate my fabulous houndstooth find. Finally with moments to spare, I have completed a personalized and unique gift basket for Rock and Roll baby Chris. Hidden inside the drum are a few baby  boy outfits fit for a musical protege. In order to expand on my fascination for the houndstooth print I created a baby wipes holder clutch, pacifier keeper, pillow, and baby burp cloth. My favorite part of the basket is the Baby Wipes Clutch which every mom needs!  To be honest, I don't own any houndstooth pieces, but I think my home will be filled with houndstooth after this little project. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Luck of the Irish

       Are you getting tired of the diaper cake idea and are looking for a fresh and creative idea for your baby shower gift needs? Here are my recent baby shower baskets designed by yours truly. Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, I have decided to add a touch of green to these creations. These baby essentials are packaged to make cute flowers or delicious looking cupcakes and would be a great gift for any mommy-to-be. A hint of green can be added to a gift for both boys and girls. Congrats to all the families welcoming a new bambino soon. Please feel free to email for any questions.

Just  because I have a love for pink...I had to add my latest pink basket! The bottom is actually a tutu and  keeps the baby blanket and doll hidden secretly underneath the tower of cupcakes.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Jedi Sleeps Here...

   To state that our family are fans of Star Wars would be the understatement of the century. Granted I do not have a life size clone trooper in my living room, nor do I know the exact birth location of the famous Chewbacca, I do find myself over the moon when our son request to turn his room from Noah's Ark Nursery to Darth Vadar's Death Star. It was probably the most emotional experience I have had with parting from a paint color, but the arrival of my son's 5th birthday came faster than expected. The mural painted on my son's wall was an exact replica of his baby book and I couldn't have loved it more.

   Parting with the mural made me realize that everyone deserves to have a beautiful space that reflects themselves. Although my son was barely an embryo at the release of the last movie, Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith, his knowledge of Star Wars was embedded early in his childhood. I could remember back on those long, sleepless nights when I dreaded hearing my husband attempting to silence our son by humming the Star Wars Anthem. It appears the love of all things Star Wars became hereditary and my son is possibly the only 4 year old who has watched an entire marathon of all six Star Wars movies without complaint. When brainstorming for this room design, nothing immediate jumped out to me when I attempted to create a kid friendly space from such an iconic theme. I began with attempting to utilize his favorite color in the room, aqua. I didn't want him assuming we would transform his room each time he obsessed over a new cartoon character so I created a color combination that could easily be a blank canvas for any theme he desired. The colors I decided on were acqua, navy, orange, gray, black, and white.

My first task at hand was to conceal his collection of toys, games, and books yet keep them easily accessible. This was accomplished by devoting an entire wall to storage space.

I have to give credit to my amazing husband who has a hidden talent of art who painted a great scenic window of a typical Star Wars Galaxy. Who wouldn't want to look out their window and see X-Wings and Tie Fighters? 

Although there is still a few touches I would like to incorporate to personalize the space, overall I feel the room succeeds in providing eye-popping color and brings life to any Star Wars fans visual daydream.