Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Jedi Adventure has finally arrived

Since the moment the invitations arrived at door steps in the DFW area, the suspense of Kydiel's Galactic Adventure has been the moment 5 year olds across the metroplex have been waiting for. Honestly, I'm probably the only person on the planet who was counting down to this special day. I have endured countless hours of obsessing over Star Wars Decor, so this day could not have arrived any sooner. My son hit the jack pot with this birthday bash because the excitement I have for decorating combined with the passion my husband has for Star Wars, there couldn't have been a better duo to create such a fabulous Lego Star Wars Birthday Party. I definitely have to compliment my husband's hidden talent of arts and crafts. So much thought went into this party that I really don't know where to start. It has been a difficult task to keep all the projects a top secret with my inability to keep a secret, but all the details associated with this party, I was too preoccupied keeping everything in order to realize. Previously posted were his invitations, but here is a photo which includes custom labels I created along with a magnet with detailed information guest could utilize as a friendly reminder on the fridge. I even created custom address labels with an altered colored Star Wars Lego logo to match the color scheme.

From the initial invitations, I was originally inspired by fellow Star Wars fan, Amanda Parker who had an Awesome Lego Star Wars party for her son which I found on Parker Family Blog.  Also, a special thanks to My Little Jedi for her unique color combination which I also found inspirational. Although these were two blogs I followed immediately, I searched blogs upon blogs of all things Star Wars, or legos inspired. During my need to be immersed in all things Lego Star Wars, I decided to sign up for email alerts with I then discovered Lego Star Wars II design would be my new inspiration for all things paper.

We had taken photos at our local Picture People Studio and this photo was the picture I decided to use for his guest signing table. My son's favorite color is green-blue, so it was inevitable with my need to color coordinate, I decided to use, teal, blue, black and silver as my color pallet.

For the event, we hired our friend and photographer Kristina Fanelli with KOI Images to capture some memorable moments, so I will post the professional photos on my site and blog once I receive them. In the meantime, enjoy some of my amateur shots of this event. Please feel free to email with any questions on any of the details. 

Thank You Table
Party Bags
Custom Trooper Rings, HairPins, and Clips for the girls

Thank You Favors (Lego Crayon, Custom Coloring Book, Trooper Treats)

Jedi Certificates and Tags
Custom Tissue and Cake Wrapper PomPom

Light Saber's made of Pool Noodles and Piping)

Dessert Table-Before the Trooper Treats

Trooper Treat Table with a cake by Cristina with A Slice of Life Cakes.

Custom Droid Drinks

Happy 5th Birthday Kydiel!!