Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baby Fever...

Lately I have been in awe of all the new baby stuff popping up in every retail direction I come across. During my random blog searches, I came across this cute little post of a great photo session I wish I had done when my son was a baby. Check out these awesome photos from My Little Jedi and tell me if you don't get Baby Fever just from looking at this adorable baby photo.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Girls Love Star Wars Too!

During my preparation for Kydiel's Star Wars 5th Birthday Party, I realized that I was excluding the girls, and what's a party without girls?  Although Jedi Training is great entertainment for both boys and girls, some may not find much use of a light saber party favor. During my Star Wars shopping trips, I noticed almost everything was geared towards boys so I decided to create the perfect alternative...custom Star Wars rings, hair pins, and buttons. Kydiel's favorite lego piece from the Star Wars collection is the storm trooper and I decided to include them in the girl's party favors. I hope they enjoy these accessories and all the pain from the glue gun was well worth it.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ready for a Galactic Adventure?

Many mom's tire over hot delicious meals, wrinkle-free laundry, or  pine fresh floors; I however choose to direct my attention towards parties and design.  As my son enters another milestone in his life, I have become overly obsessed planning his Lego Star Wars 5th Birthday party. Star Wars, both movie and cartoon, is a huge deal in the Tirado home, and what better way to show our dedication as fans by throwing Kydiel and his closest friends and family a Galactic Jedi Adventure. Our summer vacation to Disney World was definitely our inspiration behind all that is yet to come. The reaction on our son's face when Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers walked on stage was almost as perfect as Christmas Morning. 

Who wouldn't want a chance to use a light saber and battle the evil Darth Vader in the process? Although it was evident there  was fear in his eyes, he wouldn't turn down a once in a life opportunity. Our Star Wars movie marathon had finally proved to be useful, because our 4 year old son seemed more knowledgeable to all things Star Wars then other kids twice his age. Our desire to replicate this moment in our life brought upon the idea to have our own Jedi Academy. Every detail has been planned, well almost.... and it will take all of my energy not to spoil all the surprises, but I will share the invitations which have been mailed and should arrive households shortly. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cricut Magic

I had my eye on a Cricut for years, but never thought I would actually utilize the machine once I brought it home. Lucky for me, I have a husband who reads minds. Ok not really, because if that was the case, we would definitely avoid some of our meaningless arguments. Back to the Cricut, so I got one for my birthday and if you have every seen my house during one of my "craft projects," you would know that it was not a smart decision to open the box until I had a dedicated location to go paper crazy. During our search for my son's computer desk, we came across this great craft table which was obviously too large for him, yet perfect for Sugar Tirado Design's!

Once I had the space, the sky was the limit with all the paper designs the Cricut can create. To be honest, with our hectic schedule this past weekend with parties, dance practice, and soccer games, I have not had a chance to start on a project. Although I haven't officially removed the factory sticker on the box, I had to blog about my excitement for just owning one of these bad boys. I don't really know where to begin, but I came across this Breast Cancer card on LA's cricut and svg creations that I think it has inspired me to do something "pink" for a great cause.
Once I start, I honestly don't know if I will stop, but I will be sure to post some of my Cricut creations soon. So until then...