Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Jedi Adventure has finally arrived

Since the moment the invitations arrived at door steps in the DFW area, the suspense of Kydiel's Galactic Adventure has been the moment 5 year olds across the metroplex have been waiting for. Honestly, I'm probably the only person on the planet who was counting down to this special day. I have endured countless hours of obsessing over Star Wars Decor, so this day could not have arrived any sooner. My son hit the jack pot with this birthday bash because the excitement I have for decorating combined with the passion my husband has for Star Wars, there couldn't have been a better duo to create such a fabulous Lego Star Wars Birthday Party. I definitely have to compliment my husband's hidden talent of arts and crafts. So much thought went into this party that I really don't know where to start. It has been a difficult task to keep all the projects a top secret with my inability to keep a secret, but all the details associated with this party, I was too preoccupied keeping everything in order to realize. Previously posted were his invitations, but here is a photo which includes custom labels I created along with a magnet with detailed information guest could utilize as a friendly reminder on the fridge. I even created custom address labels with an altered colored Star Wars Lego logo to match the color scheme.

From the initial invitations, I was originally inspired by fellow Star Wars fan, Amanda Parker who had an Awesome Lego Star Wars party for her son which I found on Parker Family Blog.  Also, a special thanks to My Little Jedi for her unique color combination which I also found inspirational. Although these were two blogs I followed immediately, I searched blogs upon blogs of all things Star Wars, or legos inspired. During my need to be immersed in all things Lego Star Wars, I decided to sign up for email alerts with I then discovered Lego Star Wars II design would be my new inspiration for all things paper.

We had taken photos at our local Picture People Studio and this photo was the picture I decided to use for his guest signing table. My son's favorite color is green-blue, so it was inevitable with my need to color coordinate, I decided to use, teal, blue, black and silver as my color pallet.

For the event, we hired our friend and photographer Kristina Fanelli with KOI Images to capture some memorable moments, so I will post the professional photos on my site and blog once I receive them. In the meantime, enjoy some of my amateur shots of this event. Please feel free to email with any questions on any of the details. 

Thank You Table
Party Bags
Custom Trooper Rings, HairPins, and Clips for the girls

Thank You Favors (Lego Crayon, Custom Coloring Book, Trooper Treats)

Jedi Certificates and Tags
Custom Tissue and Cake Wrapper PomPom

Light Saber's made of Pool Noodles and Piping)

Dessert Table-Before the Trooper Treats

Trooper Treat Table with a cake by Cristina with A Slice of Life Cakes.

Custom Droid Drinks

Happy 5th Birthday Kydiel!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baby Fever...

Lately I have been in awe of all the new baby stuff popping up in every retail direction I come across. During my random blog searches, I came across this cute little post of a great photo session I wish I had done when my son was a baby. Check out these awesome photos from My Little Jedi and tell me if you don't get Baby Fever just from looking at this adorable baby photo.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Girls Love Star Wars Too!

During my preparation for Kydiel's Star Wars 5th Birthday Party, I realized that I was excluding the girls, and what's a party without girls?  Although Jedi Training is great entertainment for both boys and girls, some may not find much use of a light saber party favor. During my Star Wars shopping trips, I noticed almost everything was geared towards boys so I decided to create the perfect alternative...custom Star Wars rings, hair pins, and buttons. Kydiel's favorite lego piece from the Star Wars collection is the storm trooper and I decided to include them in the girl's party favors. I hope they enjoy these accessories and all the pain from the glue gun was well worth it.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ready for a Galactic Adventure?

Many mom's tire over hot delicious meals, wrinkle-free laundry, or  pine fresh floors; I however choose to direct my attention towards parties and design.  As my son enters another milestone in his life, I have become overly obsessed planning his Lego Star Wars 5th Birthday party. Star Wars, both movie and cartoon, is a huge deal in the Tirado home, and what better way to show our dedication as fans by throwing Kydiel and his closest friends and family a Galactic Jedi Adventure. Our summer vacation to Disney World was definitely our inspiration behind all that is yet to come. The reaction on our son's face when Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers walked on stage was almost as perfect as Christmas Morning. 

Who wouldn't want a chance to use a light saber and battle the evil Darth Vader in the process? Although it was evident there  was fear in his eyes, he wouldn't turn down a once in a life opportunity. Our Star Wars movie marathon had finally proved to be useful, because our 4 year old son seemed more knowledgeable to all things Star Wars then other kids twice his age. Our desire to replicate this moment in our life brought upon the idea to have our own Jedi Academy. Every detail has been planned, well almost.... and it will take all of my energy not to spoil all the surprises, but I will share the invitations which have been mailed and should arrive households shortly. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cricut Magic

I had my eye on a Cricut for years, but never thought I would actually utilize the machine once I brought it home. Lucky for me, I have a husband who reads minds. Ok not really, because if that was the case, we would definitely avoid some of our meaningless arguments. Back to the Cricut, so I got one for my birthday and if you have every seen my house during one of my "craft projects," you would know that it was not a smart decision to open the box until I had a dedicated location to go paper crazy. During our search for my son's computer desk, we came across this great craft table which was obviously too large for him, yet perfect for Sugar Tirado Design's!

Once I had the space, the sky was the limit with all the paper designs the Cricut can create. To be honest, with our hectic schedule this past weekend with parties, dance practice, and soccer games, I have not had a chance to start on a project. Although I haven't officially removed the factory sticker on the box, I had to blog about my excitement for just owning one of these bad boys. I don't really know where to begin, but I came across this Breast Cancer card on LA's cricut and svg creations that I think it has inspired me to do something "pink" for a great cause.
Once I start, I honestly don't know if I will stop, but I will be sure to post some of my Cricut creations soon. So until then...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monopoly….Sugar Style

I was honored to participate in the Grand Opening of CI Staffing and their Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.  My first order of business was to create a custom give-away which would represent Sugar Tirado Designs and also be a great asset for local business owners in the city of Irving. During my search for unique ideas, I came across a great gift idea on Executive Homemaker. I was creating a custom board game not for a particular person, but one that could be utilized by anyone who won my basket. Since we were attending a staffing business, I decided to focus on developing a game which creates a modern approach to team building. Unlike the birthday questionnaire, my questions were based on random trivia anyone could participate in. Games bring out the competitor in anyone and my questions were specifically created to a broad demographic so not one individual could be excluded from all the fun. Of course, this specific game board was generic, but feel free to inquire about any custom game of your interest. 

My initial step in tackling this project was to replicate that of the (website) and recover an old or used existing game board. Just my luck, the winner of my basket would accidently tear a piece of wrapped paper and discover my secret. So I decided to keep everything one of a kind and really become “custom game board.” I used cardboard and wrapped the board in shiny pink gift-wrap. Finding the center of the board was probably the most difficult challenge of this step. Instead of double-sided tape, I choose to rely on my glue gun in hopes the paper was sturdy enough not to tear once folded. Once the board was created, I used my 1 inch square cutter to create the boxes and alternated using square pieces on one side, and the frame of squares on the other. As a mother, I am fortunate to have a plethora of options to use as game pieces. The character’s in my son’s toy box that I was certain would not be missed, was his miniature soldiers.  I decided to spray paint them silver in order to color coordinate them with the game board. The cards included both the questions and answers allowing both teams to participate at all times. This was to eliminate the task of having an individual who’s sole responsibility was to read questions.
The board itself was a breeze to create, unlike the box, which held this game together. Creating a shape to hold the cards was more difficult than I anticipated. I think I covered each piece on this box with 4 layers of paper and endless amounts of glue. A simple project some how ended up taking 12 hours of my day, but the final creation was well worth the hard work. The lucky winner of my gift basket that included the custom game board was Linda with Dallas Workforce. After meeting Linda, I am grateful that I know the game board is in great hands and will definitely get some use from my hard work. Although I could have possibly won the award for most glue sticks used in a project, I couldn’t be more happier than spending the time on creating a one of a kind gift.

My game board doesn’t really have a name, but if you order one, I’m sure I can create a few options for any occasion. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Coconut Cupcakes

So it isn't wise to watch "Julia & Julia" and "Cupcake Wars" late at night. Unfortunately to add to my insomnia, I had a sudden urge to bake. For those who know me, they know that me and baking should never me used in the same sentence. After watching professional bakers make cupcakes in 30 minutes, I gained some sort of confidence to create some homemade coconut cupcakes. Luckily, I found this awesome recipe at Katesplateii's Blog. I was almost certain this was going to be a disaster waiting to happen, so I figured this would make a great blog post of my horrible kitchen fiasco's. As I was reviewing the ingredients, I was surprised to find I had everything in my pantry and didn't have to go to the store. Mid way through my excitement, I realized I was short 2 sticks of butter, and I will admit, I googled "butter replacement" and it seemed like a dead end. I had no choice but to make a midnight Walmart run :( As usual, I ended up taking an hour and left with a cart full of item's I didn't even need during my "quick run for butter." I thought my baking adventure was coming to a complete halt, but I walked into the kitchen with half the ingredients mixed in the bowl, so I had to start what I finished.
****Warning to all those who bake**** If for some reason, you have read this blog up to this point, I want to warn you right now that you will be in complete disarray of my lack of baking know how. So for all those who bake like there's no tomorrow, I just want to let you know that I do not bake, nor do I have any background in the kitchen, other than decorating it. So please, before you continue, please keep the jokes to a minimum after reading this post.
I don't usually bake, ok, I never bake, but when I make the attempt, I prefer to have all my ingredients on the countertop because I easily get side tracked and making trips back and forth to the pantry will loose my momentum. So here I am ready for step #1: mixing the ingredients...

Yes I accidently started mixing the dry ingredients first, but what can I say, I do not follow direction well when it comes to cooking. I never needed a professional mixer before, so although the recipe states a 5 minute time frame to mix sugar and butter, my hand held mixer probably took about 8 or 9 minutes to get what I would label as "light and fluffy."

Again, if you bake and I'm totally wrong in my definition of fluffy, please don't quote me because I could never claim I know half of what a recipe states what to do. With that being said, here are a few of my pointers. I don't ever listen when someone says to add an egg one at a time and mix, and that probably explains all my unsuccessful mishaps in the kitchen. So for those interested in trying this, follow the directions. During my mixture, I had no idea what is meant by "fold in 7 ounces of coconut," so I just threw them in the mix and mixed it with a fork. One great tip I received from all my blog reading experience is using an ice cream scoop to put your mix in the cupcake liners. So here it is, my mixture before entering the box of doom.

During the baking time, your suppose to make the frosting. I didn't have any cream cheese and refused another detour to the store, so I found an alternate buttermilk frosting at C&C Cakery Blog. I originally wanted to make the funfetti cupcakes, but my husband didn't seem intrigued at the idea of me baking until I mentioned coconut. For those who make homemade frosting all the time may already know this, but I learned from this experiment that powdered sugar apparently has a mind of it's own, and it's not your fault if at first your mix is too thick or too thin. In my case, it was runny. I do not know the exact amount, but I did end up putting more than double of the powdered sugar in this recipe than is listed before I was able to call my concoction frosting.

I know, I're all wondering did I actually succeed in baking homemade cupcakes? I'm a proud to say "YES, I Did!"
So for anyone who has burnt every dish they attempted, or completely ruined every recipe they tried, don't give up. If I can make cupcakes, anyone can. I highly suggest finding an alternative to my 4am baking urge, because it will throw your entire day off balance. I may have not gotten any sleep, but I can finally say I successfully made homemade coconut cupcakes with vanilla buttermilk frosting. Now, that is worth the lack of sleep!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Addison's Room

For the time being, I switched design modes from party decor to bedroom decor.  My latest project is Addison's bedroom. When Addison's mom first told me that she wanted her room done, my initial thoughts were pink, pink, and a side of pink. It came to a big surprise when I met Addison and her color choices were blue and green. For those who know me, a girl's room without a hint of pink was non-existent in my book, so this was definitely a challenge. Luckily with retail shops over loaded with endless aisles of Back to School decor, we had a plenty of options to keep with our color scheme and still have a "girly" feel to the room. Once we decided on our wall paint, my favorite part of my job was next, shopping! Our first inspiration was none other than a blue lamp. Although the shade of blue was not the exact teal shade of blue we were looking for, the contrast was a perfect fit. We hunted for anything in a bright, teal blue color but, I found that combining different shades of blue tied the room together perfectly. During our shopping extravaganza, Addison seemed to have caught my pink fever and requested all things pink for her room. I couldn't be more happier with her pink item choices, and although the walls were covered in blue and green, the hints of pink completed the room perfectly. I had a great time with this project, and other than our blue paint dilemma, everything went smoothly. Thanks again Addison for giving me the opportunity of creating such a great blue and green girl's room.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby Shower for Michael

My sister Kathy was celebrating her first baby, Michael Floyd and of course I had to bring out all my creative juices for this shin-dig. I personally have no problem with balloons or streamers, but if you knew my sister, you would know that I had to think outside the box for this function. The first thing to tackle was the theme. I was working on Baby Michael's nursery around the time of the baby shower so it was obvious I had to find a way to tie in the shower with the alphabet theme. Unfortunately everything I came across was either mult-colored or too plain for my vision of this baby shower. During my initial research, these are the first few invitations I created:

After an unenthusiastic response, I kept the search...until I found the perfect invitation. If you haven't noticed yet, I have an obsession with the damask print and what a perfect wat to incorporate the alphabet than a set of blocks in the hand of the pregnant moda mom in a blue damask skirt. The final invites would set the tone for the brown and blue baby shower.

Store after store I searched for brown and blue baby items which would inspire my creative juices. Unfortunately, the season was filled with bright colors and summer inspired decor, so I had no choice but to create my design from scratch. To keep with the alphabet, I used gift wrapping paper to create blocks which spelled "Baby Boy." I utilized the blue and brown from the invitation and created a simple and classic design. This posh, yet understated baby shower theme represented my sister perfectly. I am so excited to introduce a new member to our family and Michael is blessed to have such a loving person as his mother. I am glad to pass off the motherly wisdom I was given for so many years to another.